Is horse racing back to its best

Horse racing has always been a popular event across the globe with millions of people either attending the races or watching from home. One industry that believes horse racing is at its peak right now is the gambling industry with many of us placing bets on our favourite horses or riders. Many punters will be […]

Grand National 2018 – Winner trends

The National comes around every year and is always a head scratcher for punters with it being notoriously difficult to pick the winner. This is shown in the fact that the favourite has not won the race in the last 7 years with the latest being Don’t Push it, back in 2010. This was a […]

How well do you know the different racing tracks across Britain?

With 60 racecourses across Britain there is bound to be a local track for many who want a day out at the races. Horse racing has many key meetings both over the jumps and over the flat. The highlights of the season being the Cheltenham festival and Royal Ascot. With the QIPCO Champions Day at […]

3 Tips to Buying a Horse Trailer

Just as we take precautions when it comes to transporting our families from place to place, we also need to take care to transport our horses safely. Whether you’re transporting your own horses or going into the horse transport business, one thing is clear; you have to select the right trailer for your needs. It […]

Timely Vaccinations Equal Good Horse Health

Want your horse to be as healthy as possible? Just as you would have your child vaccinated against deadly diseases, you also need to have your horse vaccinated against dangerous diseases. Your veterinarian will know when and how these vaccinations should be administered. Several diseases, such as Tetanus and Influenza, which can be fatal to […]

Horse Supplies You Need for Your Equine

Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy your first horse. While owning a horse can be an enjoyable pastime and a good source of exercise, especially if you ride regularly, these animals can require a lot of extra stuff. Necessary horse supplies range from riding equipment and grooming products to adequate shelter and grazing room. While they […]

Do I Need Horse Insurance?

You already pay insurance for your car, your house and your health just in case the unthinkable happens – so why not have insurance on your horse also? Just like your own health insurance, horse insurance can help out if your horse suffers a health problem. In addition, insurance can also be useful if your […]

Horseback Riding Camps

If your child shows a passion for horses, instead of a traditional summer camp, opt for an equestrian-themed camp. These camps can foster a love of riding and enable your child to develop a new hobby. In addition to learning to ride horses, your child will learn responsibility by taking care of the beautiful animals […]

Natural Horsemanship

What is “natural horsemanship”? Is it the newest fad in the horse world? Is it some voodoo magic that can only be performed by a chosen few? Or, is it so called “horse whispering” as portrayed by Hollywood? So, which did you choose? Actually, it’s none of the above. Natural horsemanship, in the most simple […]