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Horseback Riding Camps

If your child shows a passion for horses, instead of a traditional summer camp, opt for an equestrian-themed camp. These camps can foster a love of riding and enable your child to develop a new hobby. In addition to learning to ride horses, your child will learn responsibility by taking care of the beautiful animals and their quarters.

These camps vary in method of teaching and the styles of riding taught. Some camps will focus on English style of riding and may involve jumping whereas other camps will be based around trail rides. The latter type of camp may be an excellent choice for children who show interest in horseback riding, but may not be interested in the more rigorous trainings of other camps.

Horseback Riding Camps

For girls, Lake Placid’s Ranch Camp is a popular summer program that ranges from two to eight weeks. During this time, your child will have the opportunity to form a bond with a single horse and develop horseback riding skills. With instruction ranging from Western to Dressage, young riders will have the opportunity to develop skills in all types of riding.

All children ages nine to 16 are welcome to attend Pali Overnight Adventures’ Horseback Riding Academy. Teaching the basics of English and Western styles of riding, children will enjoy a wide array of horse-related activities, including an overnight trail ride. The Sinclair Equestrian Center is well equipped to educate youngsters on the responsibilities of horse ownership and correct riding skills.

To find the perfect camp for your young rider, there are a number of resources available on the internet. There are many websites devoted to summer camps that spotlight a variety of horse and equestrian-related camps. Such websites include Mysummercamps.com and Campresource.com. When deciding upon a horseback riding camp for your child, involve him or her in the choice. Think of their needs and find an appropriate camp for their interests. Whether it is a cowboy-inspired ranch camp or a formal equestrian training camp, there is something available for everyone. If your child would rather participate in a day camp, there are many opportunities in various areas of the country.

Furthermore, you may want to turn horseback riding camp into a full-fledged family vacation. There are a variety of destinations all over the world that are exciting and instructional to a variety of types of horseback riding skills. These vacations are an excellent way to incorporate your child’s equestrian skills into a fun family event.

When looking for a camp, keep in mind your child’s wants and needs. There are a wide variety of camps out there, so you will certainly find one that is an exact fit. After your child returns from him or her adventure, incorporate riding into your activities. Many children may wish to bring these newfound skills into everyday life by continuing lessons or joining riding clubs. In the end, your child will learn more at a horseback riding camp than how to ride a horse. Your child will learn valuable lessons in responsibility and appreciation for these gentle giants.

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